All You Want To Know About Handicrafts of Rajasthan

All You Want To Know About Handicrafts of Rajasthan

As far as the production of handicraft items is concerned, the state of Rajasthan ranks among the richest of all Indian states for various items like handmade handbags online, etc. Every little village you go to will offer its very own team of craftsmen and artisans whom the local people have patronized. The state craftsmen have been in the business of creating the most opulent and richest of treasures, and this production line has not dried out yet! Textiles, gold, brass, ivory, leather goods, clay and stone are all given the most brilliant forms and shapes by these traditional craftsmen.

Rajasthani Leather Sling Bags

The abundance of traditional handmade crafts making skills among the locals is what makes the state of Rajasthan so beautiful, setting it apart in glory from the rest of the country. The practice of producing finery handmade handbags online with the knives and swords of the Rajput rulers who presided over the region has now been transformed into carving out unique pieces of craft for the visitors to behold. With the monarchy in the region long gone, the craftsmen are now focused on upholding the skills of their trade in front of the massive number of tourists who visit the place every year.

Some of the traditional forms of Rajasthan handicraft and art work are as follows.

Stone sculpting: The best stone masons and sculptors in the state are responsible for creating the very best quality of sandstone and marble sculptures. Intrinsic works of carving can be found on the models of Gods and Goddesses in all artisan workshops. The finest sculptors were employed by the Royal families during their rule to work upon the Rajasthani temples and these examples stand till today with the Dilwara temple in Mount Abu being one ideal representation. Marble carving is a prominent feature along the streets of Jaipur where you can find artisans working upon images of deities, or domestic utensils such as kneading blocks or grinding bowls.

Textile: Rajasthan has a colorful ambience surrounding it thanks mainly to the vibrant textiles worn by the local people. Cotton and silk are the most commonly used materials used for the local textile industry with all forms of clothing fetching a good price around the country. Numerous forms of embroidery, appliqué, block printing, and rich dying are some of the traits that make Rajasthani saris so vibrant and sought after around the country. Bandhani is an indigenous and intricate dying process where parts of the fabric are knotted and dyed so that the knotted section retains the original color and has a unique contrast to it.

Applique Rajasthani DupattasApplique Rajasthani Dupattas

Jewelry: The Rajasthan villages love their silver jewelry which finds a place of prominence in people’s lives. As a result, you come across people decked in elaborate ornaments such as ankle bracelets, toe rings, nose rings, and pendants for the forehead. Enamel work, popular as meenakari, is also prominent in the state and features both floral and animal designs. Gold and silver are traditionally used as a base for meenakari with the final piece being a masterly art crafted out from the hands of the goldsmiths and enamellers.

Patwa Jewellery from RajasthanPatwa Anklets from rajasthan

The weaving industry is another famous handicraft sector in Rajasthan with hand-woven Rajasthani products being in high demand across the country. We are here to bring Rajasthani handicraft products to your doorstep. Buy handmade handbags online among a host of other art décor works from our website. Visit to know more!

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