Dokra Jewelry - How To Maintain Its Sheen?

Now here are some quick and easy ways to maintain the sheen of your prestigious Dokra Jewelry. Brighten up those pieces of Dokra Jewelry with these easy tips thus sustaining their original luster for a long time.

Be careful while polishing

Now there is a common view that the greenish brown dark patina which forms on the metal gives it an enhanced look, so many prefer to keep it that way. However, remember that when you apply polish on metals, it may lead to excessive abrasion causing removal of original surface. Here are some quick tips to avoid any such thing.

Dust the jewelry gently

You want to retain the lustre of your Dokra jewelry. All you should do is dust your jewelry regularly with a dry soft cloth. You can even use soft bristled brush which makes it easy to clean the fine crevices. This retains the antique look with a touch of sparkle.

If you want to remove the dull discolouration

In this case, carefully remove all the dust accumulated on the Dokra jewelry. After that, get any brass polish, apply it on a dry and soft cloth rubbing it gently onto the Dokra jewelry.

Once done, clean it with another clean and dry cloth which will retain the jewelry’s original sheen.

Before applying the polish it is important to thoroughly remove all the dust which has been accumulated on the jewelry. It is after this that you should apply brass polish on a dry cloth and then rub the cloth gently all around the Dokra jewelry.

To suggest some polishes, you can use some ‘Brasso’. It is readily available in the market and is aptly suitable for the purpose.

Tip- Always remove the dust and grime first before applying any type of polish. Otherwise, you will do the blunder of rubbing the polish all over the dust ending up corroding the Jewelry.

Make a paste

The paste of lemon juice and bicarbonate of soda works wonders on Dokra jewelry. Use this paste to rinse your Dokra jewelry and see how the jewelry shines like new.

Note- Don’t forget to run a dry cloth over the jewelry after you rinse it with the lime paste.

Use toothpaste

Toothpaste also works wonders in maintaining the sheen of Dokra jewelry. Take a small drop onto a soft cotton cloth, and gently rub the cloth in minor circular motions. Get rid of residual elements once dried.


Summing up all; keep the frequency and intensity of polishing to bare minimum. And do the dusting for as much as you can.

When your jewelry yearns for a new makeover, dust it first and then polish it. You can apply brasso or other homemade polisher of your choice. If you want you can even coat the jewelry with some quantity of microcrystalline wax.

Dokra Jewelry items such as dokra necklace are known for their vintage appeal and an exquisite charm they reside on the wearer. Online stores are readily dealing in Dokra Jewelry and other Dokra art products, giving this indigenous art a new platform.

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