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The Buddha under MahaBodhi Tree - Wall Art

The Buddha under MahaBodhi Tree - Wall Art

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A Limited Edition only:

"Buddha under the MahaBodhi Tree" ."Buddha" is also used as a title for the first awakened being in an era.


Product Type : Wall Art

- Product Category : Sikki Grass Craft

No material other than the grass is used in the craft


Size : 18" x 14"

- Product Code : CL/SG/TBO001


Kindly note: This image will be framed and sent to you. You can also get your own frame done once you receive it. We are not charging anything for the frame.

Delivery : It's unique and It's a handmade item and in limited edition category. We will need 21 days to deliver this post your order. 


** Shipping cost may be higher for this product as compared to other products. 


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