CraftsandLooms brings you various handicrafts that are made from a special kind of grass known as sikki. It's popularly known as the Golden Grass in European countries. Sikki is obtained from the dried stems of a succulent plant. The upper portion off the stem, which contains flowers, is discarded and remaining portion cut into small pieces and preserved for making attractive sikki ware. 

Radhe Krishna - Wall Art


A Limited Edition only: A marvelous piece of work by our artisans , it's the Supreme Lord Krishna with Radha handcrafted by the artisans having expertise in Sikki Grass Craft. This product will remain like this for ages.    - Product Type : Wall Art - Product Category : Sikki Grass Craft - No material other than the grass is used in the craft - Handmade - Size : 22" x 8" - Product Code...