CraftsandLooms brings you various handicrafts that are made from a special kind of grass known as sikki. It's popularly known as the Golden Grass in European countries. Sikki is obtained from the dried stems of a succulent plant. The upper portion off the stem, which contains flowers, is discarded and remaining portion cut into small pieces and preserved for making attractive sikki ware. 

Indian Wedding 'Doli Kahar' - Big Size - Wall Art


A Limited Edition only: Indian Wedding 'Doli Kahar' represents 'Doli Vidaai' - Amidst all fun and entertainment, marriage is one of the most emotional moments in Hindu marriage.Vidaai, a post wedding ritual, marks the end of the marriage ceremony.The ritual of vidaai is marked as one of the most emotional aspect of the wedding festivities. It is the formal departure of...